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About us

The Hando app connect you with expert massage therapists in your area. There are more than t250 therapists throughout Greece and Cyprus who are able to serve your every individual need, offering a relaxing or therapeutic massage sessions, regardless of gender, age and or physical condition.

Our purpose is not only to provide specific treatments with nothing less than perfection, but we are able to recommend the appropriate technique to our clients depending on their particular needs. This occurs to obtain the optimal results for both their physical and mental health.

We work every day to offer you the optimal results for your well-being and we work according to your schedule.

By using the Hando App, you can make an appointment 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, including holidays. A massage therapist will arrive at your place in just one hour and will bring with him the massage bed, music and any other necessary equipment for treatment that is necessary, depending on the technique that has been chosen.